What Are the Advantages of Tidal Energy in a Business?

advantages of tidal energy

The undeniable advantage of tidal energy is that it can be harnessed from the movement of the tides, which are constant and reliable. This provides businesses with an advantageous source of energy that does not fluctuate; there is no need for any additional infrastructure or equipment required. Furthermore, this technology offers a cost-effective solution compared to other options available today!

The inexorable force of nature brings us exhilarating experiences like soaring through clouds in a hot air balloon or feeling the earth’s crust shift beneath our feet while exploring an uncharted cave. But how do you harness that same sense of adventure when it comes to your business? By embracing Tidal Energy in your enterprise – an exciting opportunity that allows you to tap into refreshingly potent and harmonious forces within Mother Nature!

What is Tidal Energy?

Tidal energy is harnessed through tidal power plants. These are often located along the coastlines and can provide companies with a reliable source of renewable energy.

Tidal force and gravity, coupled with the movement of water, makes this an ideal platform for extracting power from the tides; it also offers great potential in harnessing renewable resources such as tide and weather patterns over time.

Advantages of Tidal Energy

Tidal Energy has numerous advantages for businesses, both large and small. These range from increased business productivity to a more environmentally beneficial approach to energy resource recovery. Among the pragmatic benefits of harnessing this renewable power source are that it provides an affordable solution with minimal impact on operations or requirements – both in terms of space as well as monetary investment.

To illustrate how Tidal Energy can benefit your company, let’s take a look at some of its most noteworthy advantages.

1. Renewable source of energy

Tidal power is an inexhaustible renewable resource – unlike coal or oil, it doesn’t emit the same amount of greenhouse gases when burned.

With its unique characteristics, tidal energy has been heralded as a highly effective way to acquire sustainable electricity without jeopardizing nature’s delicate ecosystem.

Tidal streams are best utilized during low tide; these resources can be harnessed to generate up to 20% of an average U.S. grid’s power demands!

2. Minimal land and habitat disruption

Tidal energy harnesses the power of tides, so it is completely compatible with nature. You don’t have to expend any land or alter habitats in order to make use of this renewable energy source.

For instance, Scotland’s largest tidal farm is situated within the waters off Peterhead – a mere 500 acres (200 hectares) in size. This makes it an ideal option for businesses looking to harness the benefits of this clean energy source while minimizing its effects on land use and habitat.

3. Can store energy

Unlike many renewable energy options, tidal energy isn’t strictly a source of power. It is also an effective means to store electricity for later use. For example, if you are operating a facility and have excess energy in the system at any given time during its operation cycle, one could utilize this reserve as supplementary energy.

Tidal energy is capable of storing up to three times more energy than wind or sun can provide – effectively offering business owners a cushion against unpredictable fluctuations in power sources.

4. Compatible with existing distribution networks

Tidal energy is an ideal fit for the current distribution networks – it doesn’t require any new infrastructure.

The industry is built upon a framework of more than 5,000 power plants across over 100 countries that are connected to substations and transmission lines; all of which must be replaced when updating an existing one. This process can entailed up to 60% of investment!

With tidal power, however, no substantial modifications need take place in order for it to be utilized by existing grids or electrical systems.

5. Long-term cost advantages

The costs associated with tidal power are significantly lower than those of conventional power sources, allowing businesses to enjoy tremendous cost savings over time.

The average transmission and generation costs for a project utilizing tidal energy are approximately half that of wind power – some estimates even coming in at less than 1%! This means that investors can expect a very favorable return on investment when compared to wind power, which is often estimated at 5-6%.

6. Can be used in multiple applications

With its myriad applications, tidal energy is an ideal choice for nearly any industry.

Levitate has been harnessing ocean power for years – from powering aircrafts to powering submarines and even sailing ships.

7. Zero greenhouse gas emissions

Tidal power is a zero-emission renewable energy resource, meaning that it does not release any carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere during its generation process.

Investing in tidal energy projects can help make your business or organization more sustainable by eliminating its harmful emissions. As an example, if electricity generated through such projects was procured from conventional sources – like fossil fuels – those emissions would be released into the atmosphere. By harnessing the tides however, there’s no need for this; as they provide clean and renewable energy without incurring any costs at all!

8. Increased water quality

The advent of tidal energy harnesses the power of nature: a deterrent to climate change and an incentive for conservation.

Water from tides is considered one of the most salutary elements on Earth, supplying life-sustaining nourishment and washing away impurities. This precious resource can be used to create electricity or supply freshwater – all at no additional cost!

Tidal stream energy systems allow you to harness this natural phenomenon to purify your wastewater and produce clean drinking water. The process could be conducted with ease and without any alterations to existing infrastructures; leaving little in terms of investment required by way of machinery or infrastructure upgrades. Though initial costs may be higher than other forms of renewable energy generation, they are offset by its ability to provide infinite amounts of free power while simultaneously providing a better standard of living for those involved.

9. Low noise pollution

The loudest noise produced by tidal stream energy is the murmur of flowing water. This, in itself, poses absolutely no threat to your business operation and does not require action from you – it simply requires keeping tabs on the sound’s source when located near such resources.

Fortunately for those operating a business in close proximity to waterways, the sound level generated by river currents can be significantly lowered with adequate decibel reduction measures.


Even if the cost of installing a tidal power array is considerable, it’s still more cost-effective than constructing an ordinary power station. Since installation can take months or even years, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your investment with minimal maintenance over time.

Tidal energy is an ideal choice for businesses and organizations seeking to reduce their carbon footprint while also boosting their efficiency. By harnessing this renewable resource, you’ll be helping mitigate climate change while simultaneously making progress toward sustainable business practices!

Why are you eager to invest in tidal arrays? Let us know in the comments section below!

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